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myVegas hack app survey online 2017

We have created an online survey in which you an share your opinion when using all myVegas hack apps available in the internet. We received over 50 replies from you guys and we are more than happy with that result. We decided to publish the most complicated, advanced and troublesome problems. When we found out website like myvegasfreechips.net we never thought that getting myvegas slots free chips online will so easy!. This is out TOP3 of your emails and contact requests.



  • Q1: I I asked you a question and you did not give me an answer all I wanted to know mr. whatever your name is are you her boyfriend because mr. Fontaine she has been talking to me quite a bit and I know more about them than you do another thing I think you would have played me that there was something going on and I have some valuable things that are missing at me so if some things have been give it to you by her or some important pictures I’ll sail mineo I will get them back and when she had the decency to write some somebody something back when they asked you a simple question cuz you must be a simple thing
  • Q2: MyVegas is still not paying out. these people still do not care. just a hint to you master minds in charge of this game. if im hitting bonuses and and i lose my money ill buy more if i know there is a chance to win it back. but when all you do is  take.  I will not spend my money on this game. fire the idiot in charge. And what more myVegas your puppy love quests sucks! I’ve gone through tens of thousands of points and still only have found 5 Ludwigs. BS quests….keep em! Thanks for the free chips tho!
  • Q3: Gees when is this game going to pay and stop taking everything I get really? Dam not fun and I’m not going to buy if this is what happens to my free chips I’m not here to waist my money on a game that can’t keep me going on what I have !! Getting any rewards for playing is a joke. I was told they update rewards every day. Well I checked every day for three weeks and the reward I was looking to purchase was “Sold Out” It’s been sold out since last year. What gives?????? But what makes me happy is a 1000 free chips credits every 48h. Good work guys! Love you!

As you can see there are many MV players who received their free coins from myvegasfreechips website and we will publish more questions/testimonials and more in the future. If you are interested in cooperation or would like to join to the developers team – leave us a message and we will pass it. You should get a respond within 12h-72h ( excluded weekends )